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MAC, urban decay, and smashbox giveaway:

  • MAC mineralize blush in solar ray (from heavenly creature collection - $23.50)
  • MAC powerpoint eyeliner in engraved ($15)
  • 2 MAC eye shadows in silver ring and parfait amour ($15 each)
  • MAC lipstick - viva glam nicki  ($14.50)
  • Urban Decay naked palette ($50)
  • Smashbox photo finish oil free foundation primer ($17)

*all brand new items in packaging, the only reason any of them have been removed from their original packaging is to be photographed*


  • must reblog to enter (likes do not count)
  • i really don’t give a fuck if you’re following me or not, this is out of my own generosity, not to increase my number of followers - that’s lame .
  • you may reblog more than once, but it does not increase your chances of winning .
  • do not message me asking to be chosen, i will ignore your ratchet ass . however, feel free to ask any questions you may have .

all shipping cost will be paid for by yours truly (love me~) . a winner will be chosen randomly at the end of this month (july 31st, 2012), and informed via their ask box .

good luck, xo ;*

shameless reblog. this shit is too expensive for me to actually but so here it goes!

guys i dont even wear makeup that often but that smashbox shiz is to DIE for. 

plus all of this stuff is too expensive for me to ever even THINK about buying. 

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